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when to plant creeping red fescue

Till the area. Many tall fescue lawns are Kentucky 31 fescue, a type of tall fescue that’s known for its coarse appearance. Plant 1/8 inch (3 ml.) However, once it is established, it has a very deep root system and is very resistant to wear and drought. Read on to learn more about red fescue grass. Red fescue grows well in New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and the New England states. This fescue is a fine blade, so it is best for it to grower taller to make it look fuller. This fescue is often used in no-mow mixes. Fescues are also drought- and shade-tolerant. Its major use is for dry shaded areas as either a pure stand or as a mixture in other grass seed mixtures such as Bluegrass seed, creeping bent grass seed and Perennial Ryegrass seed. How to Repair a Lawn After Sewer Replacement, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: No-Mow Fineleaf Fescue, University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program: Red Fescue, U.S. Department of Agriculture: Creeping Red Fescue, University of Illinois Extension: Home Lawn Fertilization, University of Minnesota: Modifying Soil pH, Washington State University Extension: Lawns, How to Kill Fescue Grass in a St. Augustine Lawn, How to Revive Centipede & St. Augustine Grasses. It is commonly used on golf courses, recreation fields and for home lawns. Growth during the summer is dependent on precipitation or irrigation. Creeping red fescue is adapted to gravely, calcareous soils in cool, temperate climates. Creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra), a perennial cool-season grass commonly planted as an environmentally friendly alternative to turfgrass, is a European native that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 to 10. deep and keep mowed at 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm.) Control weed growth among young creeping red fescue by mowing 4 to 8 inches above the top of the fescue, preventing seed heads from forming. Fill the broadcast spreader with 4.5 pounds of creeping red fescue seed per 1,000 square feet. Distribution Festuca rubra is native to Alaska and can be found in moist or sandy areas. Tall Fescue can be broadcast or planted-do NOT plant too deep, 1/8 – 1/4 inch is best. If allowed to grow, the grass will bend over, providing a meadow-like appearance. Native to Europe, this cool season grass needs moist soil until it is established. Till the soil to incorporate the compost fully. Two distinct types of red fescue are F. rubra ssp. Red Fescue Often referred to as creeping red fescue, this lawngrass is similar in appearance to chewings fescue with one important exception — it has a creeping growth habit. littoralis) features a slow growth habit and naturally short height, while the main variety (Festuca rubra ssp. Repeat the fertilizer application once each year in October, using 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of grass. of rain, irrigation will not be needed. Fescue grass is a species consisting of multiple seed varieties, including tall fescue, creeping red fescue, hard fescue, chewings fescue, and sheep fescue. Red fescue has very fine blades and a very attractive emerald green color when well irrigated. Due to its ability to grow rapidly, the creeping red fescue grass is common along road sides, erosion sites, and golf courses. A low-maintenance plant, red fescue requires less water and fertilizer than other grasses and needs little maintenance if kept as an unmanicured ground cover. Plant fescues when fall temperature reach about 75 F. Creeping Red Fescue does not do well in hot climates, except in shady, dry situations. Fall is the best time to plant fescue and other cool season grass. Creeping Red Fescue is a cool-season grass used in cool, shaded, mountain sites, such as camps, resorts, and cabins where low-input of mowing, fertilization, and irrigation is desired. Fescue grasses include the tall, bunching grasses known as tall fescue and the finer, shorter fescues known as creeping red, hard fescue, chewings fescue and sheep fescue, according to the website Fescue can survive frequent mowing or clipping. When Does Slender Creeping Red Fescue Flower? The best time to plant the seeds is either in the fall or spring. Creeping red fescue grass (Festuca rubra) is a perennial lawn grass in USDA planting zones 1-7 and an annual grass in zones 8-10. Creeping red fescue dominates shade areas while bluegrass populates sun areas. Regarding this, how fast does creeping red fescue grow? Creeping red fescue is an inexpensive seed and can be included in simple mixtures, such as low grade landscape or amenity mixtures It combines well with the low growing, fast establishing Dwarf Ryegrass, for quick, resilient ground cover. This is the seed for you! Once fall temperatures arrive and more moisture arrives, the grass will rebound. 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Tall Fescue Grass. ft. littoralis) features a slow growth habit and naturally short height, while the main variety (Festuca rubra ssp. Creeping Red Fescue is easy on the environment due to low water, mowing and fertilization requirements. It grows well in full sun and, in fact, requires some sun during the day. Many growers have trouble determining if they have fine fescue vs. t… Plant Information Creeping Red Fescue will tolerate moderate shade and drought. The 5 varieties are often sold as a blended seed mix for better turf vigor. Creeping Red Fescue is best planted in the Spring or early Autumn when the soil is warm. Fall (September or October) is the best time to plant fescue seeds, because the young grass will suffer less heat and disease stress. The creeping red fescue has low fertilization and irrigation requirements. Creeping Red Fescue is a shade tolerant, eco-friendly grass that is easy to grow from seed. Many people are turning to low maintenance grasses for their lawn care needs. If a mowed lawn is desired, cut creeping red fescue no lower than 2 1/2 inches every two to three weeks, or plant it in a mix with perennial ryegrass. Plant at 1/4″ depht into a well prepared, firm seedbed. Generally, fescue is fertilized in mid-September, in November, in March, and in late-April. Native to Europe, this cool season grass needs moist soil until it is established. The name is derived from the very finely textured leaves, which are almost as fine as pine needles (Figure 9–4). These grasses are perfect for temperate and cooler regions, especially maritime and low mountainous climates. Provide adequate soil moisture. Red fescue does not have any serious pest threats. Dump the fertilizer in the broadcast spreader. Even though it is one of the best grasses for use in shade... it will tolerate full sun conditions although this could require … However, once it is established, it has a very deep root system and is very resistant to wear and drought. During the summer, water the grass one to two times each week. Check the soil pH reading again. Bell has handed out beauty and fashion advice since she could talk -- and for the last six years, write for online publications like Daily Glow and SheBudgets. If the tested pH was lower than 5.5, spread lime over the area with a broadcast spreader, following the manufacturer's instructions to determine the amount needed to raise your particular pH level about 5.5. It can be allowed to grow throughout the season with minimal or no mowing. While it persists in cool season climates, Creeping Red Fescue is not as cold tolerant as Kentucky Bluegrass or Creeping Bentgrass. It can be left completely unmowed, or occasionally trimmed for a lush meadow-like look. Red fescue experiences its greatest ground and root growth throughout the spring and then later during the fall season. It blooms from June to July. How to Grow Fine Fescue Grass. Of its two varieties, slender creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra var. Planting Depth: 1/8 to 1/4" ; with germination in 7- 21 days. It is found all over the world in meadows, dunes, and open woodlands and is tolerant of many climates. Red fescue is not a good source of forage for livestock. Plant your cool season grass seed when the fall temperatures reach 75° and are dropping as winter approaches. For at 10-10-10 fertilizer, 10 pounds of fertilizer would be required for every 1,000 square feet. This does not mean the grass grows only in shade or that it will tolerate total shade. Red fescue starts growth early in the spring, generally slows in mid-summer, and grows vigorously from late summer until freezing. Get a garden tiller or tractor tiller. Red Fescue is a cool-season bunching grass that goes dormant in the summer. Cultivate the soil as deeply as possible. The majority of the species clump and form tufts with the exception of the red creeping varieties, which spread by rhizomes. Creeping red fescue has thread-like leaves and is the most shade-tolerant of lawn grasses. Fescue grass is among the most hardy cool-season grass you can plant for a year-round green lawn.

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