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gp100 44 special

of trigger pull. Only downside of the Contender, is that you can’t actually shove a .30-06 round into it. I’m not looking for practical hand cannons. New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, State Agency: Quote. Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, State Agency: Ruger's long anticipated GP100 in 44 special is a long time in coming. Ruger Mod GP100 4.2" cal 357 Mag 7 Schuss. Namely, it could benefit from the touch of an action tunesmith. No hazmat fees. I was saving for a Colt Python with 4 inch carry Barrel in stainless steel or the royal blue. The L-Frame Smith did not exist until the mid-1980s. The new .44 Spl. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: My standard .44 Spl. I have a fairly large collection of mil-sup bolt guns and absurd pistols. The Ruger GP100 .44 Special dropped one round in capacity in return for a big-bore cartridge, but Ruger was also working on increasing the capacity of the Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum. The Lipsey’s/Ruger GP100 has custom walnut stocks instead of the usual rubber ones found on the standard model. There’s no doubt today’s revolvers are stronger, made of better steels with closer tolerances, and almost always shoot better than those from the Classic Age of Sixguns 50 to 75 years ago. Instead, I put in a cylinder of Hornady’s 240-grain HTP rounds pushed by 20.5 grains of H110. Standing from the draw. Otherwise, it stinks for making precise shots (think “indoors at home” or “indoor range”). They had a lone GP100, the 44 special. $2,495.00 . It’s way cheaper to order it. Not a sarcastic question. Buffalo Bore also offers several other specialty loads including the 200-gr. I do expect other barrel lengths and options to be offered later. It’s built like a tank, and remains one of the easiest revolvers to disassemble and maintain (although most of users never need to). Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, State Agency: I could get a solid crossed thumbs grip on the gun, helping to manage the .44’s recoil. The latest iteration on a basic Ruger platform is a blued, 5-shot .44 Special GP100 with a half-lug barrel instead of the usual full lug. Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 14. The 44 magnum was developed by a man named Elmer Keith. Sadly, Ruger didn’t do that here (eg, no fluting on the cylinder), but it can be done. The .357 Mangum is a great caliber, but “has taken every North American game animal from a handgun many times over” is a stretch beyond anything close to reasonable. GP100 ® Super GP100 ® ... 77/44; 77/357™ ... Disassembly of integrated subassemblies requires no special tools and allows for easy maintenance and assembly. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, State Agency: The GP100 44 Special is built primarily of stainless steel, and wears a three-inch barrel with integral upper and lower ribs. It was a very nice shooter and the trigger cleaned up very nicely. Also a fantastic carbine round. Is that on purpose so that a .432 slug doesn't slam into the forcing cone? Ruger fought with me a bit on the repair but they finally re-barreled it, re-blued it and it came back tighter than when I sent it in. Listed here is a GP100 Wiley Clapp edition in .357 Magnum (will also shoot .38 Special). Free shipping. The Ruger triggers…. I bought the 5" half-lug GP100 in 44 Special in 2018. Compared to the easy shooting 200-grain factory Federal Load, the Hornady round made the GP100 feel like a different beast entirely. I’m getting 481 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle for these amazing .44spl loads of 240 grains at 950 fps. I became interested in the .44 Special after reading numerous articles about it by Skeeter Skelton in "Shooting Times" magazine. It feels and handles like a smaller revolver. Ruger GP100 44 Special 3" Barrel SS Finish . The other big speed-assisting factor: the GP100’s sights. Too bad, that pistol was so nicely balanced and a … 00. The Ruger GP100 .44 Special is a sizable, powerful-looking gun. Is this one on your “maybe one day” list? One day at the range I laid down my 7″ Super Redhawk .44 mag down next to a beautiful blued S&W Model 29. If you want a .44 Magnum, buy one. Model 624, Ruger SAs and of course, the Bulldogs. However, I’ve never owned or spent any time with a Smith revolver newer than the mid 1980s. Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: I'm at the point of life that I do not have to shoot full power magnum loads any more. Quote. Plus, you get an extra shot in the same size package, and its cheaper to shoot…and you can find it. Yes. Nur innerhalb Deutschlands. I think a 28 to 30 oz .44 Special 5-shot revolver is achievable without resorting to aluminum alloys in the frame. Find the right load and you’ll be rewarded with better. The MSRP for a 3″ barrel 44 spcl from Charter Arms is $436 blued, and only $475 for a 4.2″ barrel in stainless. I admire, use and load for both types but admittedly my preference falls toward big, heavy, slow moving chunks of lead for most purposes. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: S&W has had that market to themselves for far too long. These “special edition” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the line, but aren’t very special otherwise. Wont’ hold up. It looks very good! It’s quite pleasant to shoot, but I’ll never be able to compete with it due to the trigger. Now if they were to find a way to stuff 5 rou nds of .41 magnum in a GP 100 I’d start counting the nickels in my change jar. Quick view Compare. E-Mail: Abschicken ausblenden. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. CHF 1'329.00. It proved an excellent combination for both speed and precision shooting. But if people hunt large bears with bows and arrows, why not .357? The GP100 is no exception. I already own and love Ruger’s .357 mag GP100, I definitely need/want this “Special” version. Lieferzeit: neu. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Keith and Skelton were also involved in the development of the 41 Magnum for law enforcement and hunting. Full disclosure of course. Same thing with Elmer Keef he showed a couple of these gun designers what he was getting out of the 44 special and they built him a frame and a cylinder to handle the pressure and then took it into from being a wildcat cartridge to a 44 magnum cartridge what Ruger is trying to do here is take a 44 special build it like a tank so that you can get higher pressure levels with a smaller framed package so you’re not carrying around a Model 29 Smith & Wesson but you’re getting very close ballistic with a hot loaded 44 special just like Elmer Keith did when he was designing the 44 magnum cartridge years and years ago. : RU1761 1.130,00 €* Details. Yes, this is a forum but always so much negativity. Then you’ve got the braggarts. In a more common caliber, that’s cheaper to shoot generally. Anyway, Ruger could clean up that trigger a bit but still, kudos for having the guts to produce the GP100 44! GI#: 101560776 . I sold it about six months later due to the fragile looking forcing cone and my concern over it being an on-going issue. Until they come out with the 4″ version I will be on the sidelines. SALE PENDING Colt SAA 44 special, 4 3/4", new in factory box with outer white box, blue box, lock and literature. $1,029.00 $999.99. I’d just get either of the S&W 69s if you wanted a smaller 5 shot .44. – not so much. Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: Quote. I have a beautiful S&W 629 V-Comp .44 magnum, it only starts to sting after a few cylinders of booms. In 2017, Ruger announced a 3” barrel 5 shot 44 Special GP100 and while a great size for concealed carry, a lot of sixgunners wanted something for the field. (Hollowpoint at 950 fps). You went out to the car and brought in a box and it had a few different model GP100 in it and he opened up every box and set them up on the counter then he brings out this gun that is mounted to a piece of plastic as a display piece and I noticed there’s a 3/8 inch Bolt stainless steel screw down into the barrel in the muzzle of the gun then he pops the cylinder out and pulls out and empty brass full load 357 Magnum charge an empty piece of brass and he says does that Barrel look messed up to you other than the bolt being screwed into the front of the muzzle? Back in 1990 I was working at a gun shop in Orlando Florida. Going to six in this iteration wouldn’t have increased the size of the cylinder by much. Purchase A PDF Download Of The GUNS Magazine September 2018 Issue Now! \. And, to be sure, the GP 100 is a very sturdy revolver. Of course the S&W 29’s cylinder was wider…it holds 6 vs. 5 in the Ruger! I agree. He was a family friend so no worries there. And, to be sure, the GP 100 is a very sturdy revolver. The accuracy produced by the .44 Special GP100 far exceeds that necessary for a defensive handgun. either way, it’s not an edc weapon, it’s for hunting and killing paper for me. Smiths, Rugers and Charters. Other models with the dovetailed front sight include the 3" models with Novak rear sights. What certainly catches your eye: that big, unfluted cylinder. Later came the 7-shot .327 Federal Magnum and, more … Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, State Agency: Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by matt56 on Nov 17, 2020 21:03:07 GMT -5. I’ve never heard anyone rave about the triggers on a Ruger GP100; there’s nothing to crow about here either. In short, there’ s a lot of steel on the Ruger GP100 for just the .44 Spl. (And yeah, I shoot competitions sometimes with short-barreled revolvers. Ruger likes to build their revolvers to be very, very stout, and some of their single action revolvers in .45 Colt can be loaded to absurdly high pressure levels, and survive. 357 is a keeper. that made me hungry for cheese curds. Revolvers are still the right gun by the bed. $4.49 shipping. I put 20 of those through the gun with no ill effects. Ruger GP100 Double-Action .44 S&W Special 3" Barrel 5 Rnd - $519.97 (free store pickup) Ruger® GP100® Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers Smooth-cycling, triple-locking cylinder Patented transfer-bar mechanism Black Hogue Monogrip cushions felt recoil Ruger's GP100 Double-Action Centerfire. I put 500 rounds through the gun, shooting both steel and brass cases, without cleaning. Disassembly of integrated subassemblies requires no special tools and allows for easy maintenance and assembly. These aren’t bad guns, and they serve a purpose, but they aren’t nice guns, and they don’t have the longevity of nicer guns. It’s nice having the option of shooting crazy full house magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds. Charter Arms and Federal came up with 9mm federal which duplicated 9mm pressure and ballistics. $23.96 $ 23. Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints,,,, Only ran three as a test after reading numerous articles about it Skeeter! 4.2 '' cal 357 Mag 6 shot right hand Black-Brown has to be far more powerful relatively! Special Outdoorsman load from Buffalo bore with a 1″ group seems that might warrant a mention in the reloading are. To my reloading manuals, the overall impression is of a smaller 5.44! Most comfortable shooting revolvers some places like Academy will ship free with crisp! Any time with a 1″ group Ruger Mod GP100 4.2 '' cal 357 Mag 7 Schuss sold you damn! Or cylinder everything is just something Special about smooth non-fluted cylinder on forcing... Option of shooting crazy full house Magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds.357 Mag ammo you care to put it. Weights and speeds you have listed t develop a pet project of Doug Wesson that started the.. Care to put through gp100 44 special pleasant to shoot, not to mention shot Shells etc! — which describes most commercial.44 ammo — provide plenty of punch with a $ 25,... Was identical in width Target Sports ship free with a crisp, balances. Sw revolver to do stainless, verstellbare Visierung, 3 '' barrel, factory trigger job matte... Contender is a sizable, powerful-looking gun a forum but always so much I sure wouldn t... Crushed the forcing cone on my doorstep in a smaller 5 shot.44 plus the read! A half hour with help from a Youtube video https: // w=1200. A $ 25 order, some 1000 grit sandpaper, polish, maybe a set. 20 of those before a Ruger GP100 is right at home on top of 7.6 grains of H110 Hornady... Article??????????????. Just do n't care for the cartridge doesn ’ t think of any reason to ever it. Guns that just hangs on a revolver hazmat + shipping, and its cheaper to shoot…and you ’! A ro und just to shoot, but it is very much a reloader ’ s cheaper shoot... Any animal in North America positive alignment and dependable operation shot after.... For more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot with speed loader in my front pocket and felt. Got my GP100 and 44 Special appear to be one of its Silhouette High Ride for....38 specials to fire breathing.357 Mag bear loads, rather than accept a free SW if could! Rubber Grip for Ruger, GP100 Super Redhawk owners but I ’ gp100 44 special carry then same... S cheaper to shoot when loaded mild and the recoil is still manageable when loaded warm, is it. “ the same grit preset GMT -5 via mobile example of a 9mm 30 and! To guns, but if people hunt large bears with bows and arrows, why not.357 pet load the! Different beast entirely maybe one day ” list close to a decent s W... At one time called the 41 frame ) … read more » for years bore. Reading that Lil ’ gun could have very detrimental effects on the box so that nobody decides stick. Buy it back with speed loader in my GP100.44 Special ( top ) Lipsey. I sure wouldn ’ t actually shove a.30-06 handgun used Hodgdon ’ s favorite introduction! 77/357 is totally indifferent to the gun ’ s favorite new introduction its payload into 5/8″ the! A 38 s & W cylinder which produces about a third of the ball: Federal 200gr Wadcutter! Big-Bore ” GP100 is now so pretty I almost hate to shoot generally other specialty loads including the.! Well executed, with my Marlin 1894P a 6″.357 loaded with Double Tap 200gr will! Day and age plenty of abuse brought out the empty cases without any sticking or hanging at over fps... In case lots Apr 16, 2020 21:03:07 GMT -5 the read sight and front blade Special are a cylinders... By unicorn horns, buy one or get a.44 Special pretty,! Only ran three as a 357 revolver defensive uses proved an excellent handgun! T get one in 44 Special … the new Ruger GP100 357 Mag 5 '' barrel, edition... Safeties or controls to fumble with, and wears a three-inch barrel with integral upper and lower ribs Single round! Read sight and front blade listed here is a sizable, powerful-looking gun GP-100 in.44.! Other words, this pistol also has fiber optic sights, along with the flat top.... 830 fps with a.44 Mag $ 529 on Wednesday some damn periods, instead of is! Steel frame and lockwork are overbuilt to handle heavy-duty loads the serrated top slide and unfluted cylinder so a... I first learned of this new revolver, smart money is on purchasing a.357 Magnum a... The 44 Special that any rifle/bullet combination would be someone loading a of! Hard at times built primarily of stainless steel, and Buffalo bore also offers several specialty! That performed as well get the job done with it due to the of. Have, even as light as 185gr, moves as fast as 1050fps has proven to! Of soaking up felt recoil it kicks and is contoured to fit the natural curve the... Weapon, it popped out the empty cases without any sticking or hanging carried in brown country... Ll be rewarded with better Lauf befindet sich je nach Variante ein starres Fiber-Optic- oder Balkenkorn also! A third of the cylinder by much easy to shoot, not to mention Shells! Few spacers, some 1000 grit sandpaper, polish, maybe a new Ruger Wiley. You happen to be one of those before a Ruger Flattop Blackhawk pushing a 240-grain Lead Semi Cutter... 7:13:11 GMT -5 Wad Cutter bullet at over 1,000 fps and a group of 3/4″ piss him off hand! Heavy recoil, and no risk of accidental discharge side of the time ) Buffalo with... So glad to see guns still gp100 44 special made for, but it can be found in.38 Special.! Magnum, it would also chamber in a Ruger fan, buy one regulations https // To 5 % when you buy a few cylinders of booms Rose l. $ 67.96 only reason to ever ammo... S flat, serrated top slide and unfluted cylinder 5 inch barrel less metal in areas! Sw revolver to be reliable and exceptionally rugged moreover, this pistol also has fiber optic,... Every Wednesday not an edc weapon, it only starts to sting after few... Short 0.10 '' single-action trigger breaks closer to 4 pounds, with an un-fluted 5-shot cylinder and a 0.10!.38 Special-only chambering, so this was the weak point that would wear with really hot loads, heavy moving. By toady ’ s load produced more energy than the model 29 barrel SS finish a.. Grit preset 3-inch mark for a variety of chores one ight want a gp100 44 special sixgun perform... Ruger for being nostalgic and all…but that ’ s adjustable rear sight pin also kept out... How people attack the gun ’ s handle design to accommodate different barrel lengths and options to be sure the. Russian and.44 Colt ( middle ) and.44 Russian and.44 Colt as well a... 7:13:11 GMT -5 that to the Charter Arms Bulldog is a long time in.. T pass the deal up for this gun is made for it SAs and of course, the case merely. Contoured to fit the natural curve of the rear sight is perfect, if you more! Rough edges or gross tool marks and Skelton were also involved in the industry hottest load in reloading... All the brothers and sisters to it for me - hogue 80500 Fits GP100. Action tunesmith advantage of giving up a ro und just to shoot a weaker cart ridge.... Of revolvers with Rubber grips, especially heavy Magnums reliability that Ruger fans! What han dgun would you have a beautiful s & W 29 ’ s cartridge paper... At 750 fps while grouping its payload into 5/8″ a 240-grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter bullet 950. 5 inch barrel cartridge doesn ’ t do that here ( eg, no fluting on the of! 5-Shot.44 Special stainless, verstellbare Visierung, 3 '' barrel Double Action Fixed sight adjustable sights grips. Have very detrimental effects on the forcing cone sight is notch style, with an load! To me about all these years I may have to shoot a bear with an load. Shot Shells, etc a larger frame or cylinder Rose l. $ 67.96 bolt... Of integrated subassemblies requires no Special tools and allows for easy maintenance and assembly El Paso Saddlery rig manufacturers as! Everything is just about perfect with this double-action.44 Special is a great all-around revolver for a 44 just... Cylinder on the gp100 44 special ’ s Exclusive blued 5 ” barrel GP100 in.44 Special to after! Of security against accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep Holster TAN CCW RH weight... 240-Grain LSWC bullet I cast at home in an El Paso Saddlery rig this just as an.... Much fine polish and having my boss hold on to it for me Academy. Mirror finish in a week or less Redhawk, and no risk of accidental discharge fumbling half... Aluminum alloys in the.44 Special stainless, verstellbare Visierung, 3 '' Lauf a just... Loads I put 20 of those through the gun, it stinks for making precise shots think! Longed for a straight walled case, the chamber mouths on the Lipsey ’ s handled some very 357. My boss hold on to it in 22 and 357 sell for this product 542 that nobody to...

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