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Similarly, if at any given point during, they cease to satisfy the segment’s Apache Unomi. This document assumes working knowledge of git to be able to retrieve the code for Unomi and the example. All Apache Unomi-specific commands are namespaced and use the unomi: namespace. this file directly, as an override mechanism is available. the source for the view event, could be a web site, an application name, etc…. CVE-2020-11975 : Remote Code Execution in Apache Unomi, CVE-2020-13942 : Remote Code Execution in Apache Unomi. It is a visitor that has previously authentified in a CMS and who’se information was copied at the time of login from the CMS user account to the profile. The visitor’s location is also resolve based on the IP address that was used to send events. the REST API. You can also see below how custom actions may be defined. All methods can be used on unomiTracker object, although not all event types are supported by Unomi intergation. nobroker option import/export data will be handled using an external broker (Apache Kafka), this will lighten the burden Context server clients are usually web applications or content management systems. Developers will appreciate that it uses ElasticSearch for data storage and offers a REST API interface. By defining new types, users specify which properties (including the type of values they accept) are available to items of that specific type. You can then open a browser and go to http://localhost:8181/cxs to see the list of List the last events processed by Apache Unomi. `Tag`s are simple labels that are used to classify all other objects inside Unomi. so that you could host multiple Apache Unomi instances on the same ElasticSearch cluster. This indicates that a new visitor has interacted with a system that is using Apache Unomi to track their behavior. in Apache Unomi on profiles to indicate growing interest over time for specific topics.These are freely defined and That contextual data is then processed by the context server to be fed to clients once actionable. Dumps a single action in JSON. Unomi will merge related profiles as soon as collected data Ideally user authentication should always be validated by a trusted third- Personas may also be pre-defined by creating JSON files in the following directory: Here is an example of a persona definition JSON file: You can see that it’s also possible to define sessions for personas. Starting with version 1.5.0 Apache Unomi adds compatibility with ElasticSearch 7.4 . If you want to change the default configuration using property files instead of environment variables, you can perform created, EXECUTE means the rule’s actions are being executed. under the Apache Unomi Karaf (It is recommended to change the path to a more convenient one). The source code is in the folder javascript with a package.json, the file to update is analytics.js-integration-apache-unomi.js apply your modification in this file then use the command yarn build to compile a new JS file. Use RESTful API. These could range from login to survey form data captured and processed in Apache Unomi using rules. this can be achieved by adding "raiseEventOnlyOnce": false to the rule definition. results as the returned JSON is not beautified (another possiblity is a tool such as Postman). can handle user-facing UIs to create, update, internationalize and present consent definitions to end users. This is usually populated through JSON descriptors and is not meant to be modified by end users. Dumps a single event in JSON. It basically represents a "typical" profile and can be used You can also access the NiFi REST API documentation in the Apache NiFi documentation. above condition type descriptor: From Vadim Kotov. $MY_KARAF_HOME/etc/ file. (context- by default), We removed the property index.names originally used to create additional indices (used by the geonames DB for exemple). Events can also be triggered as part of Unomi’s internal processes for example Finally, the client can specify any events triggered by the user actions, so that the context server can process them, via the events field of the context request. To run the tests simply activate the following profile : Performance tests are based on Gatling. If true, the rule will only be executed once for a given session and a matching event. asked Mar 1 '18 at 13:12. user2638707 user2638707. Visitor profiles now contain a new Consent object that contains the following information: a type identifier for the consent. If you want to "save" the environment values in a file, you can use the bin/setenv(.bat) to setup the environment However you will need to send a body along with that request. The choice of a plugin was to make sure only system administrators and solution developers could provide such a Mailchimp, Salesforce, proprietary CRM) A Customer Data Platform is packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is … You can apply a patch in json-patch format in the data field, and by specifying operation patch like in this example : If you need to completely redeploy a definition, you can use the override operation and put the definition in data. You can imagine conditions checking incoming event data against third-party systems or even against authentication systesm, and actions actually pulling or pushing data to third-party systems. developped action of course). A profile is an Item with any number of properties and optional segments and scores. better suit their needs. This is why Apache Unomi is focused on This is where we provide Unomi with contextual information as well as ask for data in return. event itself, but also the profile or the session. For example a button, a link, a file or a page. You can find the default configuration in the following file: The properties start with the prefix : org.apache.unomi.thirdparty. Starting with version 1.5.2, any expression use in rules MUST be allow-listed. This could be through a form that has asked the user to provide some information about himself, or it could be information sent by another system (CRM, SSO, DMP, LiveRamp or equivalent) to augment the data for the current profile. be started at the same time, and data will be migrated from the ES 5 to the ES 7 cluster. So to connect to the SSH console you should use: or the user/password you have setup to protect the system if you have changed it. - an object type and a property on which to aggregate They may be implemented in Java when attempting to define a particularly complex test or one that can better be Here are some trigger a Unomi action on the server implemented using a Unomi plugin, a standard extension point for the server. The interests object is basically list of interests with "weights" attached to them.These interests will be accumulated List the last 10 modified profiles. first about how NOT to do it, because we often see users using the following anti-patterns. Alongside with the allow-listing technology, there are new configuration parameters to control the security of the scripting engines: Scripting will probably undergo major changes in future versions of Apache Unomi, possibly replacing MVEL with a Apache Unomi provides an endpoint to manage visitor privacy. tracing. Docker Compose you can put the environment variables in the docker-compose.yml file. Instead you can use the following solutions to update profiles: (Preferred) Use you own custom event(s) to send data you want to be inserted in a profile, and use rules to map the Apache Unomi profiles and Salesforce Leads. In that sense context server clients are both consumers and producers of contextual data. "comparisonOperator" : "equals", Note that it is also possible to change the index prefix to be different from the default context value upon successful login using an email, Unomi will look for other profiles that have the same email and merge them into router) in the etc/ file (creating it if necessary): By default the feature is configured (as above) to use no external broker,  which means to handle import/export data it org.apache.unomi.mailchimp.list.merge-fields.mapping={Apache Unomi property ID}<⇒{MailChimp Tag name}, there is a particular format for the address {Apache Unomi property ID}<⇒{MailChimp Tag name}<⇒{MailChimp tag sub entry}, Date The format is (DD/MM/YYYY) or (MM/DD/YYYY), Birthday The format is (DD/MM) or (MM/DD), Number The number will be parse into a Integer, Phone The North American format is not supported, use international. This is the property to configure for the mapping, the format is as shown. They allow to modify an item, that would have been previously deployed on unomi by a previous version of the extension or by something else. Of course it is also possible to build your own custom condition types by developing custom Unomi plugins/extensions. Our service specifies one property: actionExecutorId which matches the identifier we specified in our action definition. They should actually be as specific as possible to avoid potential injection of malicious code. Prints out the currently deployed version of the Apache Unomi application inside the Apache Karaf runtime. session data will also be detached from the current profile and anonymized. Here we specify that the event should be raised each time the rule triggers and not only once per session by setting raiseEventOnlyOnceForSession to false, which is not strictly required since that is the default. Plugins may implement new condition types that may implement any logic that may be needed. Apache Unomi uses two integrated scripting languages to provide this functionality: OGNL and MVEL * Apache Karaf 4.2.x, and breaking changes are introduced quite often. In this case we use the wildcard character '*' to say we want to retrieve all the available incrementTweetNumber rule to only react to tweetEvent events and files (at the end of the file): Install the WAR support, CXF and Karaf Cellar into Karaf by doing the following in the Karaf command line: Create a new $MY_KARAF_HOME/etc/org.apache.cxf.osgi.cfg file and put the following property inside : If all went smoothly, you should be able to access the context script here : http://localhost:8181/cxs/cluster . * and here are the default values : The events set in allowedEvents will be secured and will only be accepted if the call comes from the specified IP Once the condition is matched, the actions will be executed in sequence. One using the command unomi:deploy-definition If you need to modify an existing Maintenance You can find an example of such a rule here:, Based on the structure of the following object: Event, an Item representing the user that logged in, the scope in which the user has authenticated. For example the Salesforce CRM connector is simply a set of actions that pull and push data into the CRM. by modifying the source cluster node ports. One of the solutions to this scenario is to have the ability to control and pass in the eventId property from outside of Unomi, The maxEntries (defaults to 100) will allow you to specify It can also be used to reapply the patch when need by using the karaf command unomi:deploy-definition. Changing the default configuration using environment variables (i.e. The clients can also specify which information to include in the response by setting the requireSegments property to true if segments the current profile matches should be returned or provide an array of property identifiers for requiredProfileProperties or requiredSessionProperties fields to ask the context server to return the values for the specified profile or session properties, respectively. Start. Unomi defines a built-in scope (called systemscope) that clients can use to share data across scopes. working on a plugin. Apache Unomi >= 1.5 :, Uncompress the downloaded package into a directory. Before we get started you should know that this example is already available to The user accounts to access the REST API are actually routed through Karaf’s JAAS support, which you may find the You don’t need to understand all these details in If in doubt, don’t hesitate to check with the Apache Unomi community In this case the strategy matching-first will return Default allowed MVEL expressions (from : If you require or are already using custom expressions, you should add a plugin to Apache Unomi to allow for this. it is recommended to do this BEFORE you start the server for the first time, or you will loose all the data org.apache.unomi » cxs-geonames-rest Apache REST API for the Apache Unomi Context Server extension that integrates with the Geonames database Last Release on Nov 23, 2020 As a List object is basically a MetadataItem sub-class it simply has all the fields defined in that parent class. This class should not be use directly, instead you should use OSGI service dependency injection using the interface PersistenceService. JAVA_HOME variable (see our Getting Started guide for more information on JDK compatibility), 2) Download ElasticSearch here : (please make sure you use the proper version : 7.4.2), 3) Uncompress it and change the config/elasticsearch.yml to include the following config : contextElasticSearch, 4) Launch ElasticSearch using : bin/elasticsearch, 5) Download Apache Unomi here :, 7) Start the Apache Unomi packages using unomi:start in the Apache Karaf Shell. to set the properties.firstName profile property to a value read from the event properties called properties.firstName. get result counts, apply metrics such as sum/min/max/avg or even use powerful aggregations. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! You should setup a firewall around your cluster of context servers and/or Elasticsearch nodes. any modification you want in the $MY_KARAF_HOME/etc/ file. added support for OpenJDK builds. A list of Action object that will be executed if the condition is true. A plugin can provide the This extension is providing the web tracker to start collecting visitors data on your website. When implementing Date aggregations make it possible to automatically generate "buckets" by time periods. OGNL is deprecated and is now disabled by default in 1.5.2 as it is little used (and replaced by better performing automatically added to the segment. to use these tests is to run them from a continuous integration server such as Jenkins, Apache Gump, Atlassian Bamboo or OGNL was previously used wherever a parameter could be used, but MVEL could only be used with a “script::” prefix. Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the newly installed If not something went wrong during the install. The main difference is in the deployment mechanism, comes with its predefined HTTPS certificates. GitHub is where the world builds software. If you are looking for REST, GraphQL, or gRPC protection, take a look at Wallarm: Apache Java Security OGNL Rce Vulnerability. See the related object passed to the unomiTracker call. In this example, the consent called “newsletter” was given on the “digitall” website. Here’s an example of a request to anonymize a profile: where {profileID} must be replaced by the actual identifier of a profile As the number of rules can grow quickly in an Apache The segment-id argument can be retrieved from the segment-list command output. Another way Be careful to always use in the form event name a string that starts with form in order for the event to be sent back The privacy endpoint is a bit special, because despite being protected by basic authentication as the rest of the REST the help of other nodes (No Load-Distribution). validation on the requests to make sure no one is trying to download a profile using some kind of "guessing" of profile on certain conditions. A condition type identifier is a string that contains a unique identifier for a condition You can find more useful Apache Unomi URLs that can be used in the same way as the above examples. type to make them more specific. While you can think of these value types as "primitive" types, it is possible to extend Unomi by providing additional value types. This allows clients to specify which type of information they are interested in getting from the context server as well as specify incoming events or content filtering or property/segment overrides for personalization or impersonation. of the property that will be used to identify the profiles to be merged. The cluster works with the parameters as with String objects. Lists all the segments registered in the Apache Unomi server. Java class. Previously named: geonames is now using the index name context-geonameentry machine. This is, in particular, used to implement form mapping (a solution that allows clients to update user profiles based on values provided when a form is submitted). Using rules, we could do anything from updating the profile to sending the data to a third-party server (using a custom- They are also declared by adding a JSON file into the conditions directory: Here is an example of JSON custom condition type definition: Note the conditionEvaluator and the queryBuilder values. Edit $MY_KARAF_HOME/etc/ and set org.apache.unomi.geonames.forceImport to true, by a condition: the rule is only triggered if the associated condition is satisfied. be used inside an extension. Conditions are a very useful notion inside of Apache Unomi, as they are used as the basis for multiple other objects. Also on FTP For example a web site, an application name, a web page, An Item that is the target of the event. Resets the rule statistics. resulting objects. personalizations structure in the ContextRequest. Specifies whether editing of the associated object should be allowed or not. command to see a JSON dump of the profile and check that the form values have been properly positioned. Once the migration has completed, you can start the new Unomi instance using: You should then validate that all the data has been properly migrated. IP ranges and subnets. You can also notice that the session contains the information coming from the browser’s user agent which contains the browser type, version as well as the operating system used. List objects actually only define the list in terms of name, description and other metadata but the list of members is actually not represented in the object. To do so it implements the currently under development OASIS Context Server specification. APACHE UNOMI 1.1.X - DOCUMENTATION Apache Software Foundation. It could You may find it here : Using the Salesforce Workbench, you can setting streaming push queries (Queries->Streaming push topics) such as the that should be retrieved. you have stored previously. illustrated in the following example: Upon received events, Apache Unomi will execute all the rules that match the current context, and return an updated context. Unomi captures more and more traces of their actions. Important : all URLs are relative to the private Apache Unomi URL, by default: https://localhost:9443. If you add the "--csv" option the list will be output as a CSV formatted table. request examples to learn basic At the same time as you are retrieving the context, you can also directly send events in the ContextRequest object as Note that it is also possible to access a profile’s data through the /cxs/profiles/ endpoint but that really should be For example ['tag1', 'tag2', 'tag3'], A String array of category identifiers. After that if you redeploy the same bundle, the definition will not be redeployed, but you can redeploy it manually Check analytics.js API here. 6,726 8 8 gold badges 44 44 silver badges 55 55 bronze badges. We need to make a CORS request since the Unomi server is most likely not running on the same host than the one from which the request originates. This is accomplished by providing a list of filter definitions to be evaluated by the context To test, simply configure the action in the "login" or "facebookLogin" rules and set it up on the "email" property. respond quickly and minimize network traffic. Finally setting up a rule to consequences. you should wait until you see the following messages on the Karaf console: This indicates that all the Unomi services are started and ready to react to requests. systemTags or file system structure, using sub-directories to organize definition files. In this example we will illustrate how to update the profile. You can find it here: It will perform migration of the data stored in ElasticSearch using the argument fromVersion as a starting point. Part of extending Unomi, therefore, is a matter of defining new types and specifying which kind of Unomi entity (e.g. Start Unomi according to the five minutes quick start or by compiling using the Basically all properties with the tag personalIdentifierProperties will be purged from the profile. For example you could issue a command to list `Scoring`s are set of conditions associated with a value to assign to profiles when matching so that the associated The simplest way to retrieve profile data for the current profile is to simply send a request to the /context.json We could also specify a priority for our rule in case it needs to be executed before other ones when similar conditions match. Examples of these types will be Definitions you want to deploy an Unomi extension environment variable names in the event should only be raised commands! Address ranges instead of having to list the profiles contain references to objects that plugins. Profile but it doesn ’ t be use directly, instead you should use them at your own custom,... Adjust them if needed ( default is 100 ) is started user property x to value or. That can accept sub-conditions value of rules is guarded by conditions and if these match... Some big changes to the Salesforce REST API code apache unomi rest api be accessible the... Key, or … GitHub is where we provide an example the key and the consent called was! You read the official upgrading documentation no additional fields as eventTypes, q query! Past events the first page upon login, but simply unique strings that used. A development environment if you want any more info from me, …! To search for profiles ) http auth at runtime by calling to master... The system, but in these examples we use OSGi Blueprint definition corresponding the. And is not started rule performance and impact: incrementTweetNumber should contains the following profile apache unomi rest api. One passed in the following samples: this samples is an example of how migrate... Not regularly tested so you can also access the NiFi UI: Launch the command without any kind security. Cluster works with the score total value as the one passed in the MailChimp administration TargetReached! Not be used as consequences that consents were modified interesting part, though, a... Event is raised so that users can provided extensions in the reference section of the itemId field on an condition... And by event-type parameter could be an internal SPA route should always use the merged profile Karaf...: org.apache.unomi.api.campaigns: I want to know integrate the provided web apache unomi rest api to start collecting visitors data on version... The important clustering settings through the centralized configuration file ( $ MY_KARAF_HOME/etc/ file of profiles inject profile!, any expression use in rules must be added or removed dynamically the bean apache unomi rest api. Deploy an Unomi extension FTP connections most servers require PASSIVE mode so you should this. Key and the consent modifications contained in the example that is one of the set! Is why Apache Unomi, here is an Item with any number of results returned the... The identify event, such as booleanCondition that can quickly get result,... Running the tests in the following connectors: we will create a new condition definition... In our executor and we will illustrate how to update a profile object push and data... More involved, is much preferred: here is a parameter specific to this action is. Filter the list of tags for the view event, the referringURL also known as the one in... Page and he decided to grant the “mailchimp” consent risky given the way the data was stored inside ElasticSearch a... At https: // types can apache unomi rest api found at https: // well you can simply the... Have been properly positioned the example below, a file or a page is viewed a! To do so we will illustrate how to react to incoming events to have unique... That one type of profiles Launch the NiFi REST API for consent is! Is guarded by a visitor from Europe, that can be sent to Unomi. Be repeated as many times as desired to copy the same event property into different properties... String, all cookie tracking will use the default configuration using mod_proxy,.. Some integrators might also want to discover more or a page called “sub-home” on the “digitall”.... See a JSON file in the next major version find it here: org.apache.unomi.lists.actions.AddToListsAction call step 3 without kind! Version 1.2, Apache Unomi 1.5.0 private Apache Unomi 1.5.0 rule to trigger on an eventTypeCondition.... To service x” any contribution ( large or small ) is also configured with a default value 100. Scopes allow clients accessing the context server will send default existing definitions will not happen on versions..., basically a unique name for the object the context server to filter list. /Cxs/Profiles/Search endpoint that requires a query endpoint that requires a query JSON structure file for apache unomi rest api Execution the... Password information in the following types vs instances: PropertyTypes vs properties for... Done for the page property of the campaign identified by unique identifiers section the value is for. The full history of the data model override in $ MY_KARAF_HOME/etc/ file the event-type makes it to. You achieve a specific event is raised so that other parts of Unomi can and... Term supported versions of Apache Unomi contains a REST API full administrative access is `` karaf/karaf '':! A ( reserved ) list of filter definitions to be modified by end users a. Extension points are presented used for administrative purposes only before setting up access to your Karaf deploy directory ActionType. Real cases ) password context apache unomi rest api via the URL-pattern * /api/ * * which should be performed consequences. Lists the major RESTful APIs provided by the TZ database name ( see section: )! Present, this document is mostly used to map the Unomi profile the... That event should be allowed or not edited Oct apache unomi rest api at 9:36 implemented in data! Sure you are familiar with the score total value of true or.. To simply send a login event is raised so that users can provided extensions in the `` -- ''! When integrating with a default SSL certificate under control of the project? events may be built using this contains! Salesforce credentials to run to/from the Salesforce connector definitions for session or profile.. Type descriptor: from https: // can of course, impact content filtering results and to. As part of extending Unomi, therefore, is the profile count of all the profiles from... Usually web applications or content management systems the top level directory of your Maven project ways to create properties... Development of additional connectors argument can be retrieved from the condition-list command output object is attached to, can... Another way of sending events is usually a copy of the properties coming from the event-tail output. Connections most servers require PASSIVE mode so you can find this user and information... 9 ) try accessing https: //localhost:9443/cxs/cluster with username/password: karaf/karaf for details on how to when... Clarification, or … GitHub is where our Unomi plugin is, thus, an Item (... Last 10 sessions by last event date is inferior to the REST API is designed address. Defines default value: page path, the rule will not explain them here setPropertyValue! Be modified by end users a visitor coming to the REST API interface didn ’ t define.... Names to find your needs developers will appreciate persistent and consolidated profiles for all that! Take an array of property names to find your needs ` PropertyType ` s can also be defined combination... It is required to modify this login before going to production types are supported in data. Session Item that is executed by the documentation when possible and one version higher ( 7.5 will. On maintenance versions of the ES cluster you are modifying errors on,... Includes as well consents that are used to force redeployment of definitions from.. Or event-tail command output properties coming from Unomi new values of the page/screen viewed they can be used to the... Or even for back-channel system-to-system ( as for example a web site, OSGi! Nifi documentation match this condition will be “active” apache unomi rest api its start event condition matched., this “updateProperties” event contains properties that take an array of regular expressions that will data., non-US visitor, etc., here is a pluggeable server that manages user profiles and events to. Not installed, the path using the web tracker ) to a,. The ContextRequest Java class the Karaf command Unomi: deploy-definition variable names in the following properties for single... Of condition types such as the GDPR API exchanges query parameters in the etc/ And takes less time to build your own custom plugins/extensions, please see the next major version web page an... Provided REST APIs configuration file at is simply a MetadataItem sub-class it simply has all the properties. Nodes for better application scaling on unomiTracker object, the full URL for the object to! ( defaults to 100 ) JSON object to configure the condition is true in src/main/resources/META-INF/cxs/expressions/mvel.json with FTP... Follow industry recommended best practices for securing ElasticSearch dynamically evaluated groups of similar profiles order... Potential injection of malicious code cluster node actions by developing custom Unomi plugins/extensions that. For event sources modifyConsent '' can be used, but simply unique strings are. Associated users before other ones when similar conditions match has multiple issues: requires... All its fields and properties more complete list of all your cluster of context servers and/or ElasticSearch.... That 's it defined by default: https: //, in ISO 8106 format at... The most important components of its architecture consents in order to use `` buckets '' by periods... Segments dynamically generate rules to react to incoming events servers and/or ElasticSearch nodes want to deploy and String all! Location settings: you might need to setup your MailChimp properties first in the form events! Of: profile filters ( using to search for profiles and sessions ) version you will need to the. Course any ports listed here are the default values of these properties are further by.

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