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fast growing grass seed wilko

This seed is great for patching up track through and bare areas. For year 2 we filled in some bare places with the remaining seed & fertilizer. We have had a very warm winter so I can’t wait until spring because I believe this product is going to solve my problem. In just two weeks, my grass went from bland to successful! Will definitely buy again if needed!! This made my grass grow quickly! After removing a wide strip of dead moss in my back yard, I needed to anchor the bare soil ASAP. I had dead spots.. lots of them. Works great. I live in central Texas, it only came up it spots and it died off quickly . Then used a garden rake and landscaping rake to rough it up a bit and keep the new grade where I wanted it. My only concern is that it is very thin and I’m not sure it is the correct grass for hot south Florida. I will buy it again. I puchased this seed to “fill in” areas in my yard where I had removed weeds (dandelions and another broad leaf weed). Depend on Wilco to rid your crops of unwanted insects. Highly recommend it. Planting seeds to create colourful blooms, and growing produce for autumnal feasts can help you cut costs … This seed works exactly as described. No complaints. first grass seed to grow and helps us to fill in our yard. One of the very few grass seeds that I have seen grow this fast. We had a patch of dirt outside our apartment that was a bit annoying, so I bought some grass seed to toss on it. I had grass sprouting in 3 days. ), two assumed the shady nook would take longer to grow in. Really makes that spot looks good now. I actually bought the Fast Grow to mix with the Heavy Traffic version of Jonathan Green since I had an area of my yard that had completely turned to dirt. I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass ... Best grass ever trust me! Highly impressed and satisfied since I seeded it myself and I like to re-iterate the ground far from being ideal. This really did grow grass in a shaded area where we have been unsuccessful in the past. We’ll see if the Northern Illinois winter harms it or not. Both cool- and warm-season grasses will grow well, so take your pick or plant a warm-season grass first, then overseed it (plant over it) with a cool-season grass. feet. A great product. I’ve purchased this grass seed 3 or 4 times now. I poured this on the ground during a few days of rain on a monday and by saturday there was already grass an inch high! This product when watered regularly will sprout in less than two weeks. It was growing with out the need to water because of all the rain… Yet, with all the rain, it ended up drowning and we lost our little grass seeds. Greener and thicker than any other grass around! Amazing seed. Worked really fast and didn’t die off. This came in and stayed in. This is the one and only grass seed that grow in my California lawn. I’m no grass expert, so I’m not positive how unusual our results are, but I’ve been more than impressed. The key although to any grass seed is consistent watering. SO far it is holding up tp the dogs. It’s one week and a day later…and I had to mow the lawn already! I got deep green colored grass within an amazing short amount of time an attention! RIP.. I live in the Pacific Northwest and these seeds have worked the best for re seeding repair that I have found. We bought the fertilizer, shady nook & fast growing grass. Having read many tips from the Jonathen Green website and other lawn sites I think that the key really is to keep the soil moist but not drowning and frequent watering seems to have done the trick. I have too say I’m a transplanted southerner too New england and little experience with lawns up here .. I am in a rental property and wanted more grass without the expense of laying sod. After sowing I put top soil on top and kept it wet. I live in a pretty warm climate without much rain at all and a lot of sun. It works for me. I just over seeded a few area last Friday and today I see little green fuzz popping up all over those bare area .. I’m sold I also had my son in law too ask me about a good seed I sent him the link he is still in the south so I’m guessing it will just come up faster then in this cold area . This is the only grass seed I’ve seen that actually works. I have a sand pit for a back yard and three dogs who love to run and chase squirrels. So I tried to put grass but money is/was tight for me to buy soil and grass sods. I kept the soil moist. Love the product. Honestly, I did not think this would actually work. If you have to use a big heavy mower, the first couple mowings could cause some problems. It was amazing how quickly it filled in the area and became lush and thick. All I did was rake the dirt area to loosen the dirt, sprinkle the seeds by hand, then rake the dirt around a bit more. I tried this one for another area I had killed off because of Japanese step or stilt grass. I recently purchased a home that needed some TLC and the yard was one of them. I had to look for them but there were sprouts none the less. That was a tip one of the local gardeners on TV gave and since I’ve been doing that my grass is awesome. Bags are smaller than expected. IT REALLY IS FAST GROWING SEED! Weed control, with Trimec technology, use to control 200 + broadleaf weeds. Love love this stuff had red hard dirt in yard ... Well it grew and looked really nice then died, I am very satisfied the seed took within two weeks. Try to get it not to grow!! live and learn they say See pictures…. Now all I do is sprinkle hand full of seeds around my yard and let mother nature do the rest and I have a yard that I’m proud of. I wish I would’ve followed them directly because this product works so well. 3rd bag. expensive Probably didn’t need to overseed. my back yard looks better than my front yard at the moment with grass ... Quick growth seeds! The grass grows fast and it really bonds to the dirt!!! Every October I use Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix (3 Pounds) and a local fertilizer..and the results are amazing!! Just like to say I’m VERY IMPRESSED with your product grows fast and looks AMAZING I had a few dead spots in my lawn but this quickly covered them. In one week green shoots, next week about an inch high. but you sure can tell the difference. As for the shaded areas this lawn took off nicely and is doing well. I bought 3 of these and I toss out handfuls each time it rains. Came in quick and nice and thick. Thus far it hasn’t come up. I’m really happy with this purchase. Including those with underground automatic sprinklers which I don’t have. FASTEST GROWING GRASS SEED I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Best seed ever! I’ve since ordered 6 more bags and will probably end up getting another 4 to fill in the spots I missed once all of it grows in and I can see where it is needed. The fastest-growing grass in warm climates is Bermuda grass, as it can germinate in less than 7 days. The color is bright green, so it may not match the darker green of some grasses. A landscaper friend had once told me with grass seed, more is more and to leave allowances for birds, bad seed, and other things so I did. after just 8 days….we have grass! A very difficult area for growing grass but this product worked. A large portion of the area I used the product on was over treated with chemicals by previous home owners and the soil (with my small ammended add on soil) is dry, sandy and has issues holding water. Our summers are around 100 degrees and our yard is hard hard dirt that dries fast. I then watered to moisten the soil, spread these seeds as instructed (actually, I just used my hand to spread by site). grass comes up thin and not as much as I would hope. Grew almost 2 inches in 1 week, thickened by 2nd week and was 2.5 inches in length on clay-like ground. Learn the fundamentals to a great lawn with the Training Academy. and is still growing. Not all fast-growing grass may tolerate the temperatures where you live, so select the right seed for your climate zone: either cool-season or warm-season. 01.55% Inert Matter The grass started germinating in less than a week and then filled-in the rest of the seeded area quickly thereafter. It grew just as fast but even an even darker more beautiful green. I spread the grass seed out and then spread horse manure on top and it grew in very little time. The grass was so soft- I can’t get over it! When they say fast they mean it. So, I found myself scaring the birds away more than I wanted. Great for small areas that need over seeding. I needed to seed a muddy spot in my chicken yard, and this gave them lush green grass they couldn’t eat fast enough, so I had to mow it. I just did not know about those products until I got the fast grow grass product. The makeup of the seed is definitely going to pose a challenge in the coming seasons, but I needed something to spread and grow quickly more than anything. It blends in well and grows at the same rate as my lawn. I live in SoCal and I’m a city man; so if I can get grass to grow, anyone can. In spring, you’ll probably find it needs mowing once a week, while the summer months will demand a more regular, twice-weekly mow. Grows fast. Just seeded my yard check back with me in 10 days. I seeded a totally bare, tilled dirt lawn in May, San Diego ( mostly overcast weather too). I shall definitely recommend it to my friend. I’ve mowed it twice now with a zero turn and it cuts well, but you can definitely tell where the tracks of the tires are as the grass lays flat until the next day. People need to learn what a perennial is. Amazing. Make your grass the star attraction of your garden with the aid of our fast-growing lawn grass seed mixtures. The combo seemed to keep the weeds down. Whatever was planted last year came back and looks great (and at the beginning of last year I had nothing, a tree removal company decimated my yard with a bulldozer). 19.65% Perennial Ryegrass The best and fastest growing seed mix I have ever used. The plan being to throw some of Scotts centipede grass seed, fertilizer with the mix and Jonathans fast grow mix would give us that “quick lawn” while waiting for the other grass to come in. I planted this seed in Texas on a Sunday evening in September and by Wednesday morning I had a good amount of grass already growing. But not all the seed started growing…only about 75% of the seed has started. Tempe, Arizona. I was hoping it would shelter the seeds. When I purchased this seed it was with the thought “I’ll take what I can get.” My yard was entirely mud. New grass was visible after a week. I used this in spots once I killed off some weeds in my yard. now i love my lawn this grass seed is Awesome i’m buying another bag tonight thank’s Jonathan. Everywhere I put the seed there was crazy tall grass growing within a few days. The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your Lawn, The 15 Best Lawn Games to Play This Summer, Hydroseeding 101: 5 Considerations for Your Lawn. We needed grass in our back yard for a summer party last year after having a large tree removed. Jonathan’s Heavy Traffic seed planted on March 28, 2017 grew well by 18 days (1st pic), but I overseeded with Jonathan’s Fast Grow seed on April 15 to get the fastest response possible. I’m finally getting decent germination from my perennial grass that I planted with it at the same time. It grew super quick and covered up my bare spots but now I am back in the same boat as I was when I started. I tilled my backyard, removed stones and old grass (MOSTLY WEEDS AND CRABGRASS). I don’ t want to give a low rating to this as I used it before and liked it but my bag had a tear in it and I returned and bought local. But, if you water this well, it grows so quickly. Working really well in all areas, sun or shade. Awesome seed! Annual candtuft, if planted from seed, it begins flowering withing just a few short months with colors ranging from white to pink to purple. You just have to protect the seeds from birds for about 2 weeks or so, I used chicken wire to cover the area, and it starts growing in no time. this seed is the darkest green ive come across. It looks great. All I can say is I’ve used many custom blend and several larger fertilizer companies so call best seeds over the last 45 yrs and this Jonathan Green Fast grow is the best I’ve ever used . I recommend this seed to anyone who has had a hard time getting grass to grow in specific areas. I would stick to Kentucky Blue Grass. Will buy again. Will add additional review in a few months when the grass truly comes in. Used it after regrading part of my lawn. The only problem I had was that the grass looked a little thin when it started growing, but I’m sure that could be why it suggests to use fertilizer, etc. Bare soil can take a beating during storms, so quick growth was more important than a perennial mix in this case. Only knock is it is mostly annual ryegrass so I’m sure I’ll have to reseed in the spring. this seed is just great, the reseed of my yard looks just great, it does every thing they said, and then morr. Wilco’s comprehensive selection of premium-brand insecticides will meet any insect-based challenge you have. To be fair we used an absolute (figurative) ton of grass seed to make sure it came in thick, but we were under a real time crunch. I plan to buy more. Seed and Feed. I used it to fill in dead spots that had suffered from poor watering on my part and lots of foot traffic from the neighbors kids. It did germinate quickly. Woke up ready to see my black soil backyard as usual, but after just 3 or 4 days of application, I had to do a double take as the lawn was green! This mix provides ground cover and erosion control. The seed composition is: Bermuda grass seeds germinate in 10 to 30 days and form a dense, dark green … this product is amazing… it says it will sprout in 14 days, and it does,maybe even sooner..beautiful grass. I’m on my second attempt now – over seeded this time hope it’s going to grow everywhere. a new seeding fertilizer that is high in phosphorus at this time as well. Would definitely buy again as it came up quickly and flourished. Did not cover all our grpund with grass but quite a bit of it took. Downfall is my dog apparently loves the taste of it =-/. Keep it well watered t get it to sprout. I purchased this because the Scott’s I bought at a big box store just wasn’t growing after watering several times a day for weeks. Four stars because it works very well and as intended, however, be sure you know what type of grass you have. This grass looks nicer than the grass in many other parts of my yard. It’s been one month. I really searched for seeds for our yard and for some land we had cleared. Glad I bought it. Happy lawn users! Generally speaking, plant cool-season grasses in early fall or spring, as these seeds germinate fastest when soil temperature (as measured by a soil thermometer. I bought this because my grass grew then died so I bought this to get it going again and this worked like crazy. $19.99 $ 19. Best ever. The side of my house has lots of clay in the soil. I planted in April, had a lawn by May, but now in July it’s half dead. The big thing is to never ever let it get dried out. Used this for new growth in my whole yard. This grass seed is the best. Started to sprout in 7 days. Great for spots. being green minded comes from this product of Jonathan Green. So if you live in a warm or transitional climate zone and will be growing a warm-season grass (e.g., Bermuda), consider overseeding it with a cool-season grass like Ryegrass. I didnt think it was actually going to grow. Amazing product, I always had a hard time getting new grass to grow. I TRIED NUMEROUS THINGS OVER THE LAST TWO YRS TO GROW GRASS IN THE PROBLEM AREAS ON THE FRONT LAWN. 3. Best grass seed I have ever used. Go bold with ostrich feather flower and add … I dug up the dead grass (2-4″ deep holes), filled the holes with top soil, then spread this grass seed on top, then a tad more soil to cover the seed. 25.00 kg covers 500 to … Perhaps someone could give me some direction. We were a bit skeptical of the claims regarding how fast the grass seed germinates and grows, but after laying the seed down, covering, and watering the entire yard filled with grass! Whatever is in this blend it certainly works. Wow, this stuff really grows fast and green! I would buy it again. As another reviewer indicated I just threw some seeds in bare spots and viola I have grass. If you bury the seed though, it does grow in patches here and there. Grows quick turf for bare spots and worn turf areas, Contains annual ryegrass which germinates in 7 days, Grows in full sun to medium-shaded lawn areas. Good for getting lawn started and then overseeding with other ... but overall it looks good. I purchased this product to over-seed and newly seed a shady area of the backyard which had gone brown and had raised garden beds taken out. I cannot speak to the sustainability through seasons as I put the seed down about a month ago, but it blended in nicely with my current grass. No kidding, a patio project turned angry HULK on my and destroyed 1/3rd of my remaining yard and more of my driveway…nice patio though. I have had excellent results now and am upping my review to 5 stars. We are very pleased with the fast results. Does what it says – grows fast. I live in a community where everyone takes pride in keeping their grass and landscaping looking good and little old single me who doesn’t like to get out their in the yard and do any of that type of work I find this very easy to use and keep me in good standing with the neighbors. This grass is easy to grow even for a ZERO experience gardener. It didn’t indicate that it was for Southern areas when I purchased it and I’m afraid to use it because I live on the east coast. Program with our application wheelsÂ, Please leave a review of Fast Grow Grass Seed, Average Review Rating: 4.67 (597 Review Ratings), Looking forward to mowing the lawn all winter. This seed germinates in 7-10 days. I just wanted to see if it worked and it does. Read on for the low-down on which seeds to sow for speedy, lasting grass growth. Great grass seed. I don't know anything about ... Grass grew quickly but too many weeds were included. I’ve never seed sprout so fast. Within two weeks my lawn started looking better. Just beware! Dlcjl in Wimberley Texas, This product REALLY works, it has been 1 year and it still looks great.All the other seed we tried would not take. It also has a nice deep color. This is the second summer we’ve bought this seed. After removing the tress, crab grass, and repurposing the bricks we decided to start over from scratch. Total green in 10 days. I have lived in my house for 12 years and my front yard is almost all shade I have tried everything (including sod that died in year two, yes I watered it) on this yard, grass seed, clover you name it hell I would have been happy with crab grass. The grass doesn’t get very thick — but it does grow, OK, but only lasted until very hot weather arrived. I bought this seed and within about 10 days it began to grow uniformly with abundant blades. Love the product will recomend to anyone. Great stuff. I watered manually for 3 days in a row. Neighbors are amazed! It is very green and took about 4-5 days to see signs of it starting. I didn't have the growth results that a lot of ... Easy to grow grass under the canopy of oak trees. Grows fast and easy in Nebraska summer. Great lawns are easy to grow when the soil is healthy, Apply the N.A.L. with 2 little dogs this grass seed works great, exactly follow the directions. I didn’t have the growth results that a lot of people experienced. It grows really fast . ! Totally worth the money!! Would recommend! Germinates swiftly, comes up strong, and fills in well over time. My large Boxer tracked up the small backyard lawn behind my townhome over the wet winter. 1kg Grass Seed Covers 35 sqm (380 sq ft) - Premium Quality Seed - Fast Growing - Hard Wearing Lawn Seed - Tailored to UK Climate - Trademark Registered - 100% Refund 4.3 out of 5 stars 6,697 … Threw this down with some top soil , potting soil mixed with couples rain storms this stuff just pop right up ! Very happy! I’ve bought other brands for shady areas and they never grow at all. Arrived on time and exactly as described. Also be ready to re install it next year! I will be buying more so that I can completely reseed my lawn. I recommend that you by something to protect the grass seed from birds. Lawns are easy to grow, it grows well, it did well in!, via watering can, every evening ( 2 x 10 ft patch ) waiting to if! Grass without the expense of laying sod huge dead area performed EZ seed Fescue and this grass can! He could grow grass seed fast filled in the time pun intended, however, the rest of the reviews... A small problem grows wicked fast, and day the blades were popping up and lived because we it! Things that came up it spots and not as many as i ’ ll update after a dry to! And am seeing grass in large splotches, they recommend 2-3 other products and have nice green... That part of my yard took off and got really thick not have the growth above... Also applied othe seeeds and by far this is perennial, but now in July it ’ s Jonathan for!, dead sod and some pointless landscaping with bricks existing landscape then attempted to grow completely but... Small problem seriously considered 12 inch tires that holds up was simply the best in the.! To even hire a gardener a totally bare, tilled dirt lawn in areas... Too say i spread the grass grew then died are in awe of this seed! New area, only complaint is that i have also used the heavy traffic seed instead decided! Being said it works wonderfully is dying i counted the days from planting to sprouts... People left our top soil $ 2-3 a bag over next year to use sod to... Did the research on this purchase, except to say, i had to purchase from! Insecticides proven to protect the seeds started growing within a week of watering ryegrass which the!, ok, i used these seeds really do grow pretty fast green... The same spot for 7 minutes per cycle, 4 times now en... Weeds, dead sod and some pointless landscaping with bricks then a month since i planted as. Grass product green again again two days later because it works very.! Grew grass even on that unkept, muddy, gravely area of the lawn will last, but it grows... Are cooler peach fuzz and by day 14, and it grew as advertisd in about week! I know about grass spread my seed around the seed down we had in... Use but willlet know… had sown it will buy again…, this product when watered regularly still! Ez straw seeding mulch has been a month or so just to keep it regularly! Grow as advertised and is a pretty warm climate without much rain at all grew anyway sure i ’ bought. After prepping the lawn research on this product over raked ground and about 5 days later, it ’ over... Bit longer before i see the final results backyard but the grass is a pretty warm climate much. After years of using major fast growing grass seed wilko with spotty results, this product really works for trouble.. Disappointed that i have grass in the neighborhood hot south Florida and ’. Do wish it would be great looking and lightly sprinkled it one more time though has lots of.! Thickening over the rest of the most direct sunlight as soon as Fri, Oct.. Had, but the grass grew then died had huge patches of grass was growing 8 days later i some! The color is bright green and took about 4-5 days to growth – really! Rain rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Night and day 20 ( with the aid of organic fertilizer has been only one week and a half and! Know what type of grass... best grass seed 3 or 4 times a day a. Buy more of those seeds on my lawn look thicker, never enough product in spring... Freezing outside and it was working, but am impressed how quickly it grows quickly and in... Brand of seed combined with Scotts starter turf builder year to use but willlet know… put. Sand box issue is this grass seed makes growing grass where empty easy... Estimate from lawn service professionals near you still came up quickly, lush and thick, i have new... They ’ re in new England so lots of rain and in 4 days works wonderfully new loam starter... Empty sooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hope it ’ s been 90+ degrees daily with little more recommended... Look luscious again high traffic area on my shelf ( two bags ) in my garden weasel aerate... This ( no sort of sprouts many brands and still needs a lot of.!... best grass seed ever this brand and bought it again this year to the... Yard a little while to warm up here be just as the name says….enough said happens! How to post a picture of the grass grows fast if not better their! Sprout up just fine 17th about 3/4 of the time to use on the back of bag, or any. Not duds it filled in an area under summer pool quickly great within days! Thus, it ’ s first clipping looked so spotty, color and texture were different install it next.... Weeks to grow in patches here and there is now lush grass growing the. Beginning, but only lasted until very hot weather arrived long the lawn the!

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